Make Your Own Bobbers

How to Make a Foam - Paper Clip Bobber for Fishing Fun

A Low Cost Fishing Innovation by

Ed Engelman


Low Budget Fishing And Fly Tying


Craft Foam-Double Paper Clip Bobber


The bobbers described here costs under $.03 per bobber for the single clip version and about a nickel for the double version.  The bobber is made from foam and a paper clip.  The clip gives the bobber enough weight to add distance to your casts.  And of course it is non-lead.  The foam bobber can also be used as a hook keeper.  The bobber has a bit of a funky look.  Of course if you are fishing with a can rig it just adds to that special “look Mom I made it myself” look.  The foam comes in all of the colors of the rainbow.  When you are ready to fish, tie on to the exposed part of the paper clip with a modified clinch knot or palomar knot,  leaving enough line to tie on your fly or bait.   You are now ready to cast away!

Tools needed:

Glue gun


Materials needed:

“jumbo” size paper clips @ $1.09 per hundred

craft foam @ $.20-$49 per sheet, can make up to 50 from one sheet or ANY closed cell foam cut to an appropriate size

hot melt glue sticks @ $.05 to $.08 per stick. Can glue up to ten from one stick of glue

Directions for Single Clip Bobber:

1.    Cut the craft foam into pieces ½ inch by 2 inches in length.

2.     Place a glob of glue from the hot melt glue gun on one half,  of one side,  of a piece of foam.

3.     Place the clip in the hot glue on the foam so that the wire ends of the clip are concealed when the bobber is finished.  Add a little more glue to the paper clip.

4.     While the glue is still hot,  fold the foam over the end of the paper clip.

5.     Hold the foam in the folded position until the glue cools.

6.     Spread glue along one side of another 1/2 inch by 2 inch length piece of foam.

7.     Place this piece over the first piece of foam and hold until the glue cools.

If more casting weight is desired use two paper clips instead of one.   If two clips are used be sure to double the amount of foam to retain the same bouyancy.   You can use the image above as a guide.

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